Walking & Wild Camp on Kinder Scout

My First Walk & Wild Camping Video.

With the sudden boom in Wild Camping videos on YouTube, I felt it was time to become a part of that Vlogging community.  I decided to create my first Walk & Wild Camping Video whilst walking up Kinder Scout in The Peak District.  Over the past 12 months or so, I have gained lots of valuable information from viewing other peoples wild camping videos. I find that video footage gives the viewer more of real-life experience and offers more than a still. Although I enjoy documenting my missions in blog form and accompanying them with photographs, I think it is far easier to put your point across on film. I am fully aware that my editing skills need polishing, but this is my first attempt at creating a video of my walk & wild camping.

Walking Up Kinder Scout

The walk is from Hayfield (Kinder Road), past Kinder Reservoir, up the River Kinder, followed by a scramble up towards the Pennine Way. Although it was persisting down with rain when I left Nottingham that morning. I was lucky enough to get half-decent weather whilst I was walking. I managed to find a nice spot to use as a base camp. An area of level ground at the side of a rock formation. My tent was literally a stone throw away from the main Pennine Way footpath. Although I wasn’t really happy with pitching so close to the path, I needed some kind of shelter from the increasing wind.

As I mentioned before. This is my first effort at videoing one of my wild camping trips, so please go easy with the criticism.  I welcome contact from anybody who can offer constructive criticism, and provide me with any valuable information to help me better my future Vlogs.

Grab your popcorn, sit back, and I hope you enjoy!!

If you would like to follow me on my future walking & wild camping missions. You can subscribe to my Chasing Views YouTube channel by clicking the red subscribe button on the right.  Many thanks for watching.

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