Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket

Rab Waterproof Jacket. Did it keep Me Dry?

Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket Review tried and tested at 3560 ft. Keeping you dry is the main function of a waterproof jacket, but at the same time, the jacket needs to provide comfort and be breathable. allowing sweat vapour to escape so you stay dry from the inside. Rab has a good reputation for quality outdoor outfits, gear, and equipment. Rab jackets are known for their great design and quality. I can only echo what the professionals say. Rab is the first choice for quality outdoor outfits for many across Europe. I purchase Rab products because of their quality, so I was expecting the Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket do what it says on the tin, keep me dry!

When the Rain Set In

The Snowdon Charity Walk commenced from The Snowdon Mountain Railway, towards the Llanberis path. At this point, the weather was good, cloudy with sunny spells, but the weather changed about halfway up. Time to get out the Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket and put it to the test. Although it was only drizzling, the jacket provided protection and kept me perfectly dry. Saying that the jacket did not seem to be as breathable as I would’ve liked. I was wearing a Rab Men’s Quest Pull-On Anthracite, a lightweight insulating mid-layer under my jacket. At this point, I was happy that the Rab Waterproof Jacket was going to manage its job well.

Ash Wrought on Mount Snowdon summit

A Damp Snowdon Summit

After finally reaching the summit of Mount Snowdon, the rain had stopped, but due to low clouds, the air was damp. At this point, I took off the jacket to check if any vapour had built up inside. Considering I had been wearing the jacket from the halfway point up to the summit, it was relatively dry. This suggests that the jacket is fairly breathable. In terms of breathability, I was more than happy with its performance.


The Downpour Begins

And out of nowhere, the downpour begins. Sandwich back in my rucksack, time to put the Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket to the test again. The plan was to descend down Snowdon in the dark, so there was a short window of opportunity to take in the views from the summit. Due to low clouds, there was no view, so the descend began just before dark in the pouring rain. This was ideal weather to check the performance of the Rab Downpour ECO.

Waterproof Performance TestRab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket review

The downpour continued throughout the descent, so the Rab Jacket really did go through a rigorous waterproof performance test. After finally reaching the end of the Llanberis path I looked like a drowned rat. Arriving at the car to change into dry clothing, I removed my jacket and was pleasantly surprised to find that my clothing underneath was relatively dry. It wasn’t bone dry, but the slight dampness could have been from lack of breathability. Overall, I was more than happy with the performance of Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket. I am sure you can work it out from the image above. The jacket was put through its paces due to the constant rain on the descent.

Verdict on The Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket

Price £99

In my opinion, this waterproof jacket is a little overpriced. I agree that Rab products are of good quality, but the fact that this is a 100% recycled jacket, I think it may be priced a little on the high side.

The Fit & Comfort Test

Fit and comfort get the thumbs up from me. Great fit and very comfortable to wear. The pockets are ideally placed for easy access, the hood fits well and secures around the head without falling down in the wind. Full marks for comfort!

Breathability Test

Although I was a little concerned, to begin with, this jacket performed well in the breathability test. Considering that I was wearing a very warm fleece layer underneath the jacket. I found that the jacket was breathable and prevented a large buildup of vapour inside the jacket.

Waterproof Test

The jacket was put through its paces due to the constant rain on the descent. My overall verdict on the waterproof test was that the Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket performed well and kept me dry in very wet conditions. A thumbs up from me!

In brief, the Rab Downpour ECO Waterproof Jacket is a comfortable waterproof jacket that performs well in the rain. However, a little overpriced.