Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack Review

Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack Review.

After doing a bit of online research and visiting Cotswolds, GoOutdoors, Blacks, and other shops that sell outdoor equipment. I came across the Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack in GoOutdoors, Loughborough. It seemed to offer exactly what I needed.  I purchased the Hi Gear 80+15L based on volume, rather than on cost or brand name. I am so impressed with it, I decided to write a Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack Review.  There are other branded backpacks, but I felt the design of The Hi Gear 80+15L (also known as the Hi Gear Long Haul Travel Pack 80+15) and layout of the pockets and straps would better suit my needs. I ideally needed a compartment where I could store my camera equipment without fear of it being damaged by other bulky items that I had to carry. There is an optional expandable zipped section at the back of The Hi Gear 80+15L that is ideal for storing anything that is fragile. It gives you the option to keep something separate from the contents of the main compartment. (ideal for my camera equipment) This section can also be unzipped and used as a daypack. (two backpacks for the price of one)

The bottom compartment housed my Vango Latitude 200  sleeping bag comfortably with room to spare. Although there is a zip to access this section. You can also access the bottom section from the main compartment via an internal drawstring. Outside of the bottom compartment are two straps, these easily accommodated my GO Outdoors Sleep Easy Self Inflating Mat, and held it tight in place throughout my trek.

Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack Review

After packing the main compartment, I couldn’t believe that I had room to spare. To give you an idea of what the main compartment can accommodate. Here is a list of what I had packed, just in the main compartment.

Contents of main compartment
Berghaus Peak 3.1 Tent Saucepan
2 Litre Water Bottle Extreme Down Padded Jacket
Ordnance Survey Map Hanging Night Light
Waterproof Jacket Waterproof Trousers
Head Torch Spare Socks
Drinking Mug Hat & Gloves
2 Torches Toilet Paper
Food Stove

I was overall impressed with what the Hi Gear 80+15L could accommodate in the main compartment. There was also space left for some bits & bobs!

There are also four netting pockets, two on each side. They were very handy for carrying my drinking bottle and provided easy access to small items. This backpack also has some very useful straps on either side. One was ideal for securing my tripod and keeping it in a sturdy position as I scrambled up and down.

The back carrying system was great. It offers a padded adjustable back system with stow-away shoulder straps, which I found very comfortable on my shoulders. There is also thick padding at the bottom, again this made it feel very comfortable on my lower back. As the back system is adjustable, it allowed me to alter it to suit my body.

Finally. Overall, I found the Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack a very good product that suited my needs. It accommodated all my equipment, kept it securely in place, but the main point being, it was very comfortable on my back. I must give credit to Hi Gear deserve credit for producing this great backpack!

I’d also like to add that I can highly recommend the boots in the top photograph. Berghaus Men’s Expeditor AQ Trek Walking Boots

They are very comfortable.

Thanks for reading the Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack Review.

6 thoughts on “Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing your detailed review. I have also been looking for a decent back pack that will accommodate virtually the same s what you are carrying, and for the same reason. Carry my camera gear safely is of paramount importance and I think you’ve answered my question with this review.

    I’m probably going to go for the Hi Gear 80+15L back pack after reading this review.

    Thanks again


    • Hi Terry,

      I wasn’t sure about that when I purchased it myself. I couldn’t find the answer to that question anywhere. I got round it by purchasing a rain cover just in case. I have now replaced this backpack for one a little lighter.

      Sorry I’m unable to answer your question. Although this type of information should be made clear by the manufacturer or outlet.



  2. Hi,

    This backpack looks amazing and just what I’m looking for but the only reviews I’ve seen so far have all said that something had broken, either the plastic clips have broken or one of the arm straps has broken. Couple of people mentioned poor stitching quality. Did you have any problems with this at all? I guess you would have mentioned it in your review but maybe on later trips? Do you think it will last 6 months of travelling?


    • Hi Cara,

      Thanks for your message. Since writing this review, I have managed to reduce the amount of kit that I carry, so no longer need a 80+15L backpack.
      I used the Hi Gear 80+15L Backpack a fair few times and didn’t have any issues with it. I can only offer advice based on my own experience. I can’t see any reason why this backpack wouldn’t be suitable. Mine still looks like new having used it many times. I hope you enjoy your travelling!



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