Walk and Wild Camping on Kinder Scout

Walk & Wild Camping on Kinder Scout

Walking & Wild Camping on Kinder Scout. We all know that walking up Kinder Scout can be a challenge for some, but Camping on Kinder Scout is nothing but an awesome experience. This trip was to be my second wild camp up Kinder. Having enjoyed the fabulous views before, I couldn’t wait to get back …

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Wild Camping on Kinder Scout

Wild camping on kinder scout in Peak District

Kinder Scout Wild Camp. Well, my first impression of wild camping on Kinder Scout is WOW! What an excellent spot for a wild camp in the Peak District, the views were mesmerising. I had been looking forward to this mission for quite some time. It’s over 20 years ago since I last went trekking on Kinder Scout plateau. The …

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